It all started when I was eating an egg roll. I had 2 on my plate and I had apple juice as well.  After I had finished both my apple juice and egg rolls, I got a bit bored just sitting there without doing anything so I took on a challenge. You may not know this but I HATE chillies. My mum made her own egg roll but with chillies in it. She accidentally put TOO much chillies in her egg roll so it was REALLY SPICY!

Anyways, I wanted to take a bite of her over-chillied egg roll so I asked to. She said yes, so I took a bite out of it. I chewed peacefully for about seconds and then I felt the chilli.

I didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to get rid of the chilli taste. I spat the chilli out in my mum’s plate and rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It didn’t work. So my sister had her apple juice remaining so I drank the WHOLE apple juice but it still didn’t work. I went to the kitchen to get another glass of water but it still didn’t work. I was freaking out so bad. My mum gave me the idea of eating one of the last ‘Corner’ yoghurts which was in the fridge. It worked!

After a few seconds after I finished the yoghurt, I started choking a bit. Then I went to the bathroom and gargled. That kinda worked! After that I took another glass of water and it ALL went away, FINALLY!!

I am NEVER EVER trying chillies EVER again. Now that’s the end of my true story which happened today. Also tomorrow( May 24th ) I’m going to go see Matilda the musical. I’ve already watched Matilda the movie at my neighbours sleepover but the musical is probably better.